Smart business means staying switched on

Give your company the competitive edge. Mission critical business means being prepared with continuous, reliable and uninterrupted backup power.

We looked at the challenges facing businesses: overloaded grids and frequent blackouts, reliance on polluting and noisy diesel generators or toxic, space-wasting lead acid batteries. We thought long and hard. Then we rolled up our sleeves and created Ampd Silo.

Ampd Silo is built around your business and gives you more room to do business, stacked with up to 1,800 automotive grade lithium-ion batteries and state-of-the-art energy storage technologies. Compact. Completely silent. Cost effective.
And maintenance free.

Best in Class

Two years of research and development went into creating the Ampd Silo.
Its unique features lead the field and comprise one of the world’s most advanced
and dependable energy storage solutions across home, commercial and industrial applications.

Ampd is clean, lean and unseen. Invest in the power to protect your greatest asset.

Enterprise ready

Parallel (N+X) scaling; MODBUS
integration; SNMP communication;
Remote Performance Management

Saves space

Ampd features advanced Li-ion cells.
Replace your lead acid UPS and save up to
80 per cent of the space

Safe and reliable

Automotive grade batteries; 7 fail-safes; Aerospace
safety principles; Designed and tested to UL, CE, IEC and UN standards


No more headaches worrying about backup power
system maintenance. Ampd Silo self-maintains.
Install…and get on with the job.

Ampd Silo is a versatile backup power solution. Powered using lithium-ion batteries and equipped with Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) capabilities, which enable it to power mission critical equipment. The Ampd Silo aims to replace backup diesel generators and lead acid UPSs in residential, commercial and industrial applications.
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