Silo battery keeps power clean

Startup AMPD Energy, which joined Hong Kong Science and Technology Park Corp's Incu-Tech incubation program last year, has launched its energy storage system Ampd Silo, aiming to replace the widely used diesel generator. AMPD Silo is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that stores electricity when power is available and provides electricity when there's a blackout. "Silo works the same as a water tank," said Brandon Ng Boon Soon, chief executive and co-founder. "It differs from a diesel generator in that Silo does not pollute." An AMPD Silo takes about six hours to fully charge and it can supply power to a typical three-bedroom house ,with all the electricity turned on, for four hours. AMPD Energy received HK$30 million in seed investment last year with help from the park, becoming one of the largest seed rounds for a Hong Kong startup. "HKSTP is eager to support the technology development of green tech and smart cities," said the park's chief commercial officer Andrew Young. Its Hong Kong partner, Yau Lee Construction, will replace the current lead acid UPS battery systems with Ampd Silos through its unit REC Green Technologies. "We see great demand in Silo in future," said Carmen Wong, general manager of REC Green Technologies. Ampd Energy is also in negotiations with the biggest hospital and telecom company in Indonesia through its sole distribution partner in Indonesia, Praptadaya Sumber Perkasa. "The chronic power shortage in Indonesia brings massive opportunity for energy storage backup solutions," said Yakin Wijaya, director of Praptadaya Sumber Perkasa. View full article

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