11 September 2017, Jakarta, Indonesia Ampd Energy’s pilot with the Siloam Hospital Group, the biggest network of private hospitals in Indonesia, was successfully concluded on 11 September 2017. Two months ago, one Ampd Silo P1 was installed at the Sentosa General Hospital in Bekasi, Indonesia to provide backup energy to the hospital's ICU ward and one of the hospital's operating theatres. Since then, the Ampd Silo has prevented power disruptions during mission critical moments. In particular, the hospital’s facility management was “grateful for the presence of the Silo” after seeing the Ampd Silo ensured the power supply to the hospital's operating theatre remained completely shielded from a blackout that occurred at 17:16 on 5 September 2017, during a live surgical operation. A press briefing was conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia to celebrate the conclusion of the pilot and was covered by local news media.  Ampd Silos are available in Indonesia through Ampd Energy's authorised distributor, Praptadaya Makmur Abadi (PMA).

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