The future is here

Ampd Energy is currently raising a Series A funding round to enable the rollout of its first line of products. If you are an active investor or venture capitalist with experience working with high-growth start-up companies, we would love to connect with you.
We are building a sustainable core business with the funds we raise. Our goal is to only engage in future rounds of financing to meet significant customer-driven demand growth or for investment in assembly and/or manufacturing facilities which are driven by a clear need to fullfill client projects.

About the Company

Ampd Energy is an award-winning energy storage company ensuring Asian businesses and brands see the light and stay switched on. Our revolutionary Ampd Silo means power to empower. Co-founded by electric visionaries Brandon Ng and Luca Valente and based in Hong Kong, Ampd designs, engineers and makes state-of-the-art, grid-connected energy storage systems.

Our Vision:

To provide stable, scalable power to more than 3 billion people and myriad businesses
throughout Asia and beyond that lack stable electricity supply.