Last year, around 2.5 million Samsung Galaxy 7 smartphones, powered by lithium-ion batteries were withdrawn from the market for safety reasons. Which begs the question, should we trust Li-ion batteries? The Samsung batteries burst into flames, along with about $5 billion dollars of investment. Irregularly sized batteries causing overheating and in the second round of battery replacements, manufacturing defects, were finally identified as the causes. Around the time of the incident, many people started question whether the Ampd Silo posed the same dangers. The simple answer is no. Ampd places safety as a requirement for success.  

6 levels of fail-safe's

The Ampd Silo has created 6 redundant fail safes to assure our system is never compromised.
  1. The Ampd Silo is made with 1,792 batteries. Each cell has a CID – Current Interrupt Devices
  2. Each cell has an individual fuse
  3. Each ESM, comprising of 224 cells has a fuse
  4. Each ESM has a contactor, able to switch the system on and off
  5. Each Silo is equipped with a circuit breaker
  6. Each Silo has fire retardant paint, aimed at protecting the batteries inside, if there is a fire in the building

Cooling systems

One of the main fears around lithium-ion is overheating, leading to thermal runaway. For that reason, we have 3 cooling systems to assure our batteries stay cool, even when operating in hot climates.
  1. Our batteries are surrounded by a patented polymer lattice designed for optimal thermal conductivity.
  2. The heat from the lattice is dissipated through our ESM’s heatsinks.
  3. These two passive systems are complimented by fans helping cool the heatsinks.

Our Russian Doll

Ampd Silo can be seen as a Russian Doll, with several safety layers, guaranteeing the safety of your businesses. Read More about the other benefits of Ampd Silo If you want to receive our brochure with more details please send an email to

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