Rise Hong Kong  KONG

RISE is the largest startup event in Hong Kong gathering global technology companies, leading Hong Kong and international start-ups, and investors. It takes place in Hong Kong for the third time from 11-13 July 2017.

Rise Energy Forum

With all these interesting people in town, Ampd Energy decided to leverage the opportunity and create a Rise HK Night Summit Event, the Rise Energy Forum. The Rise Energy forum was designed with 3 goals in mind: (i) to foster an energy network in Asia; (ii) bring together high potential early stage startups with interested investors; and (iii) create a forum where likeminded individuals can discuss the challenges and opportunities in the energy industry. The Rise Energy Forum is comprised of two parts. In the first part, five leading energy startup companies from Canada, Singapore, South Korea and HK, gather for a closed-door pitching session to a specially selected group of Venture Capitalists (VCs). In the second part of the evening, the doors open for other energy sector companies, RISE attendees and thought leaders to join, in a casual networking event to discuss the future of energy. Location: Tartine, 38 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong Date: Wednesday, 12 July, Start at 8 pm. Guests: Invitation only, please if you are a thought leader in Energy Sector or interested in attending, contact us at guido@ampd.energy

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